A transcript is a representation of a student's entire academic record while at Johnson & Wales University. In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a transcript may be released only upon written request of the student. The university does not charge a fee for transcripts; however, transcripts will not be released if a student is not current in all financial obligations to the university. Within 3 business days of receipt of an authorized request, official transcripts will be printed on official paper and then placed in sealed envelopes issued directly to the student or authorized designee. A maximum of 20 official transcripts may be requested per year. Transcripts are not official if faxed. The university employs two types of transcripts.

The academic transcript reflects a student's unabridged academic history at the institution; this includes all letter grades. 

  • To view or order an academic transcript in jwuLink > Academics > Academic Records. 
  • If you are a former student and have access to uconnect, login and go to > Student Records > Request A Transcript. 
  • If you do not have online access, complete and return the transcript request form to Student Academic & Financial Services (SAFS).

The performance transcript, unique to JWU, identifies the practical skills associated with a student's academic coursework; skills are graded as developing, validated, mastered, or not tested. Beginning, first, with students who entered the Providence Campus in 2000 (and other campuses in 2002), the performance transcript evaluates industry-specific and general workplace skills employers consider valuable.

  • To print a performance transcript, you must use a self-serve terminal/kiosk located in SAFS; otherwise, complete a transcript request.
  • Performance Transcript skills listing & descriptions by course (67K PDF)